I was looking through Flyer Talk today and saw several messages about an American Airlines sale on flights to Helsinki, Finland. It was one of those odd deals where a trip to Helsinki cost less than a trip to London, even though you had to go through London to get there!

I haven’t done an overseas mileage run before. But I looked at what I paid to go to Seattle twice in December: the trip to Helsinki would cost only $30 more, but I would get several thousand additional miles. So, I went for it.

Will depart on Friday, February 8, flying Austin to Dallas to Frankfurt. After a 3-hour layover I’ll take Finnair to Helsinki, arriving at 2:30 on Saturday afternoon.

What will I do once I get there? A lot of the posts said that Helsinki has a very compact downtown area, you can walk to all the major sites. And, the restaurants clubs stay open until 4 a.m. So, my plan is to go downtown (Finnair offers a bus from the airport to the downtown hotel district) and then start walking. I’ll play tourist all afternoon, evening, and overnight too.

At 7:30 Sunday morning I’ll get a Finnair flight to Paris, then connect to Dallas and then Austin. I should be home by 7:30 Sunday night. It will be a long weekend, but it should be exciting. If I can sleep on the trans-Atlantic flights I should be okay: in Texas time I’ll get to Helsinki at 6:30 a.m., then leave at 11:30 p.m., so I should be able to stay on Texas time and get through it okay.

I’ll earn over 26,000 miles for the trip, paying less than 2 cents per mile, making this the best price I have ever gotten on a mileage run.

I am looking forward to this!