Last year my wife and I had a wonderful eight-day trip to Nassau in the Bahamas; we liked it so much that we agreed to return this year. And return we did for another eight days.

We planned the same trip as last year: fly to Nassau on American Airlines/American Eagle, and stay at the Sheraton Cable Beach resort.

We flew from Austin to DFW, then connected to our Miami flight. That flight went smoothly until the pilot announced that a thunderstorm had shut the Miami airport and we would land 20 minutes late. The good news was that the weather had cleared by the time we landed; the bad news was that it had made a total mess of all departures for the rest of the afternoon.

We got off our AA flight and walked to the American Eagle departure area. And walked, and walked and walked. AE was at the far end of the terminal from where we had arrived, leaving us a very long 15-20 minute walk to get there. Once we did I saw that some outbound flights had been delayed by as much as three hours; then we sat down to rest after our absurdly long walk from our AA arrival gate.

Our flight was scheduled to depart at 4 p.m. At 4:05 the flight originally scheduled for 1:10 departed, so things did not look good for us. Thankfully we started to board our flight shortly before 5 and were on the ground in Nassau by 6. After a short taxi ride we were in our room at the Sheraton by 6:30.

Sheraton upgraded us to a “junior suite,” so we had a spacious room. It was similar to the one we had last year but was higher up (6th floor) giving us a wonderful view  from our balcony.

The beautiful view from our room, and yes, the water really is that color!

Another view from our balcony of the resort property.

We were tired from the trip and called it an early night. When we woke up the next morning it was raining so hard that we couldn’t even see the beach. But storms don’t last long in that area and it quickly cleared giving us the chance to get some sun.

Once we got to the beach I noticed one thing: it was virtually deserted. I counted less than three dozen people on the entire beach. This being hurricane season many people stay away from the Bahamas, so many that the Wyndham hotel and casino next door shut down for the entire month. We had no problem with this, we were glad to be away from the crowds.

If you want to avoid the crowds, visit the Bahamas during hurricane season.

We rested on the beach, enjoying the warm weather and sunny skies. We had several events planned for the trip, including eating some great seafood, swimming with the dolphins, and visiting the Atlantis resort. More on those in the next post. But on our first two days, we were happy just to lay on the beach and relax.