American Airlines has announced a sale price to Frankfurt, Germany. I can leave on a Saturday morning, be home by Sunday evening, and pay even less per mile than I am paying for Helsinki.

The price is so good that Flyer Talk is getting scores of posts from people who are taking advantage of the deal. One couple in San Francisco are so caught up in it that they will fly San Jose-Chicago-Frankfurt and back five times in six weekends! Sounds crazy, but when they are done they will have enough miles to fly anywhere in the world business class for 70-80% less than it would cost if they bought the ticket.

This is a pure mileage run with no sightseeing. They get to Frankfurt, have a 3 hour wait, then get back on the same plane and fly back to the US. With such a short stop, they will not have enough time to leave the airport.

I guess I’ll go for it too. I looked at American Airlines and saw several itineraries, but they were all Austin-Chicago-Frankfurt and back. Some people on Flyer Talk wrote about finding some good deals from the west coast to Frankfurt: I checked and saw that none of them would work for a Saturday-Sunday trip, but I did find an odd option.

Instead of flying from Austin to Chicago, I can go Austin to Dallas to Orange County, California. I’d have a four-layover, enough time to meet my cousin and her family and have lunch with her, then fly on to Chicago and then Frankfurt. Taking the route through Orange County will get me an extra 7,000 miles and strangely, lower the ticket price by $10. So, I booked it.

I fly out on Saturday, March 1, return on Sunday March 2. Will earn slightly over 26,000 miles for the trip, at 1.74 cents per mile, by far the best return I have ever earned! How good a price is this? My ticket is a little more than $400, the same ticket in June would cost over $1,300!

It will be tiring, but it will be worth it.