My wife and I spent our first few days in Nassau relaxing. laying on the beach, and basically chilling out.  We had planned on doing nothing for those first few days, and that is exactly what we did.

But our third day in Nassau would be different, a day we had looked forward to for ten months!

Last year we ate incredible seafood at Twin Brothers Seafood & Steakhouse at Arawak Cay. Arawak Cay, a,k,a, Fish Fry, is an area of seafood restaurants, one next to another. Some are nice with indoor seating, others are little more than a small kitchen with picnic tables in front. We ate at Twin Brothers last year and enjoyed it so much that we ate there three times in four days. We could hardly wait to return!

But there were some issues. Before we left on the trip I visited Trip Advisor to read recent reviews of Twin Brothers, and what I found was troubling. While some reviews were positive, others were horribly negative. Several reviews talked about how bad the food was, how poor the service was. One reviewer talked about how he did not enjoy the cockroach races! My wife and I talked about this and it made no sense to us, we loved the place! So, to heck with the reviews, we decided to go there and once again enjoy great food as we had done the previous year. Last year we ate there on my wife’s birthday; this year we’d be there for our wedding anniversary! It turned out to be a very bad decision on our part.

We arrived at Fish Fry and found that the two-story-tall Twin Brothers we ate at last year was closed for refurbishing; not a problem though, it had moved to a smaller location just a few doors away.

Twin Brothers' new location at Fish Fry

We went in and were seated at a booth. We looked at the menu, but really did not need to since we already knew what we wanted. I ordered conch fritters as an appetizer, then cracked conch with rice and plantain as my meal. My wife ordered lobster tail with rice and a baked potato. For our beverage we each ordered a piña colada/strawberry daiquiri.

Our first problem came when we got our drinks. Instead of getting the wonderful swirled drink we got last year (see the photo in my article from last year) we got a cup with piña colada on the bottom and strawberry on top. In other words we had a half glass of strawberry flavored beverage on top of a half glass piña colada. This was not what we expected but we were more hungry than we were thirsty, we knew our food would be great, so we did not say anything.

The waitress brought our conch fritter appetizer and it was wonderful! Sadly, everything went rapidly downhill after that.

My wife got her lobster tail and had an immediate problem. The lobster was so dry, so tough, that she could not cut it with her knife. She called over the waitress and said “This is so tough I can’t even cut it.” Without missing a beat the waitress replied “Okay, I’ll get you a sharper knife.” Wrong thing to say to my wife.

“This is lobster jerky! If this is so tough that I can’t even cut it with my knife there is no way I’ll be able to chew it, I want another one!” The waitress thought about it for a moment and agreed to get her another lobster tail.

In the meantime I tried my cracked conch. I hoped for the tasty treat I had the year before, but was sadly disappointed. This tasted as if it had been breaded in flour with no extra seasoning. I did not know conch could taste so bland, but this did.

They brought my wife another lobster tail and it was better; not good, but certainly better. At least she was able to cut this one with her knife.

Her steaming baked potato, wrapped in aluminum foil was her side dish. She sliced through it and then looked for the butter; there was none. She called the waitress and asked for the butter. In the States butter always comes with a baked potato. Does that not happen in the Bahamas or was this more bad service? We didn’t know but they did bring her the butter.

She spread it on the potato and tried to eat it. She found the center part of the potato was tender but the outer part was so tough that she could not cut it. Was it raw or burnt? We couldn’t tell, but the potato was terrible. It’s hard to ruin a baked potato!

While she was battling her food I tried my side dishes.

My meal: cracked conch with rice and plantain.

The rice was okay. Nothing special, but liked baked potato, it’s hard to ruin rice.  The plantain however was so dry and tough that it was difficult to chew without slicing it into very small bites.  Plantain should be moist, this certainly was not. While my wife had been served lobster jerky I had plantain jerky. I left most of it on the plate.

Our wedding anniversary dinner had turned into a disaster.

And then there were the roaches.

Early in the meal we saw a medium size roach run up the wall and quickly back down. This was daytime, roaches normally don’t come out unless it is dark, but this one did not seem to know that.

A few moments later we saw another roach, a smaller one run up the wall and back down.

And then the third roach was the smallest of all. But it was on my napkin! I quickly smashed it.

At this point I made a great mistake. I should have demanded to speak to the manager, but by now we were so disgusted by the bad food, bad service, and roaches that we just wanted to get out of there! We paid our bill and left.

We took the bus back to our hotel; when we boarded the gentleman in the seat across from us asked if we had liked our dinner at Fish Fry. We quickly let him know how miserable it was.

He took out his business card, wrote a phone number on the back, handed it to me, and said “I hate to hear that. It’s important to us that we take care of the tourists who are our guests. Call the number on my card; that is the Tourism Ministry. You won’t get an operator at that number, you’ll go straight through to someone who needs to hear this story.” We thanked him for that information.

He also recommended we come back to Fish Fry and eat at Goldie’s restaurant. We did that two nights later and had a wonderful meal; more about that in another post.

On Monday morning I called the Tourism Ministry and told the lady how bad our trip to Twin Brothers had been. She was shocked, apologized several times, and said that I would not only get a formal letter of apology from the Minister of Tourism, but that a ministry representative would come to our hotel the next day to apologize to us face-to-face. I thanked her, told her that was not really necessary, but that I hoped something could be done about the roach problem. “If you see three roaches, there are hundreds and hundreds more in the wall that you don’t see.”

She agreed and promised to send an environmental team to do an immediate inspection.

The next day was our last full day in Nassau and we spent most of it on the beach. When we got back to our room late that afternoon we had a message from the Tourism Ministry. I returned the call and spoke to another official. She also apologized, told us that an environmental inspection had been scheduled, and she hoped we’d return to the Bahamas. I thanked her for the call.

I don’t know what happened after that, if the inspection took place or what the results were. I do know this however; you need to STAY AWAY FROM TWIN BROTHERS!