Perhaps you’ve seen stories about places where you can to get in the water and interact with dolphins. My wife and I have wanted to to this for a long time, and I wondered if there was a place where we could do this while we were in Nassau.

Thankfully, the Internet can be a great source at times like this! I found the website. (You can follow them on Twitter as I do, @Bahamas1) I wrote and asked if there was a place in the Bahamas to “meet the dolphins.”

They quickly replied that there were two options. One was at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, the other at Dolphin Encounters, located on Blue Lagoon Island, their private island near Nassau.

I visited both websites and decided that Dolphin Encounters looked like our best bet. I liked the idea of the private island, the catamaran ride to get there, and what was, I hoped, an area that would not be as crowded as Atlantis, so I made reservations with them. This was one of the best decisions of the trip!

Their bus picked us up at the hotel and took us to the ferry terminal at Paradise Island. After a short wait we boarded their catamaran for the ride to Blue Lagoon Island. I mentioned in a prior post that this was hurricane season and our hotel was not crowded; the same could be said of our boat. It was a double-deck that could easily seat 125-150 people. For our trip there were only 6 passengers: my wife and I and two other couples.

This was one of the many luxury homes we saw as we sailed from the Paradise Island ferry terminal.

It was a very enjoyable ride. We saw some incredible homes as we left Paradise Island. Once we got into open water the boat increased speed and we had a wonderful breeze. The seas were calm, it was a smooth ride, and twenty minutes later we arrived at Blue Lagoon Island.

The entrance to Blue Lagoon Island, home of the Dolphin Encounter and much more.

We got off the boat and went for our training session where they taught us about dolphins, and our upcoming encounter with them. The guide explained how they train the dolphins to follow their instructions and gave us valuable information. For example, the way to tell a male dolphin from a female dolphin is to look below their belly and count the slits: two slits for a male, four for a female. We were also cautioned that when we rubbed the dolphin we should not rub near those slits or we “would end up with a friend for life!” :-)

Everyone had their swimsuits on under their clothing, so after our training session ended we had time to take off our clothes and put them into lockers before we met the dolphins.

We went to a pool and got our briefing from our hosts. The pool was deep. deep enough for the dolphins to be able to swim in and out of it from their cove. There was an underwater platform at one end of the pool, we would kneel on that for our “meeting” with the dolphins. Eight people were able get in the pool at a time, my wife and I were in the second group.

We got into the pool and got down on our knees. The trainer had the dolphin come up to us and give each of us a kiss. Then it put its head on our shoulder so we could give it a hug. I have to tell you that is a special moment!

Hug Time with the dolphin.

Then the trainer had the dolphin open its mouth wide as she told us to “put your hand in there and feel his teeth!” Let me tell you that the dolphin has a lot of teeth and this did not seem the most appealing thing to do. (That’s a fancy way for saying it was scary! :-) )

Then the dolphin flipped onto his back and we were allowed to rub his tummy. We remembered the earlier warning and made sure we did not rub him below the navel, no need for a new friend!

Be careful where you rub the dolphin, unless you want a "special" friend.

Our final treat was the chance to feed the dolphin. The trainer gave us each a small fish that we held high up in front of us: the trainer blew her whistle and the dolphin jumped out of the water and very gently took the fish from our hands.

After that our time with the dolphin was over and we left the pool so the next group would have their chance. We had some time to visit the souvenir shop, purchase photos of us with the dolphin, and relax before the ride back to Paradise Island.

Blue Lagoon Island has beaches that people can use before/after their dolphin encounter. Many people had done that, spending the day on the Island. Our boat back to Paradise Island was the last one of the day so it was much more crowded than our first one as all the beach-goers were heading back too.

Dolphin Encounter at Blue Lagoon Island was a wonderful experience. We’ve hugged a dolphin and can take that item off our bucket list. If you are looking for a pleasant way to spend the day on your Nassau trip, you could not do better than this!