I’ve had two mileage runs messed up by bad weather in Chicago in the last month-and-a-half. I’ve even posted messages warning about problems in Chicago. Now I realize I did not follow my own advice.

I go to Frankfurt in March. Instead of flying direct to Chicago, I’ll go to Dallas and then Orange County, California. After a short layover I then fly to Chicago and have only a 50-minute layover to catch my Frankfurt flight. What was I thinking? A short layover at O’Hare in March?

I can only hope that there are no weather problems. I’ll need to talk to the American Airlines people in Orange County. If they say there are problems and I will miss that connection, then I’ll have to see what other options are available. This may turn into another trip to Seattle, but I hope not!

Hopefully it will be a cold and clear day with normal flight operations.