After eight days in the Bahamas it was time for us to return home.

We took a taxi to the airport, checked in and cleared Bahamian security. Then we noticed one improvement over the previous year.  Last year, after clearing Bahamian security, we had to go through American security, another metal detector and such, then clear US Customs. This year, after clearing Bahamian security we went directly to US customs, avoiding the additional security check. This made things much easier for us.

We flew American Eagle to Miami, and, having already cleared Customs in Nassau, were able to go directly to our next flight. A week earlier we had a very very long walk through the terminal from the American Airlines area to the American Eagle area. We were pleased to see that a new rail line had opened in those eight days and we were able to take the train to the AA area. We appreciated that!

We had a smooth flight from Miami to DFW, and than another easy flight from DFW to Austin. We were home by 8:30 that evening.

It had been a great trip, we enjoyed every moment of it (other than the horrible meal at Twin Brothers). The weather was wonderful, the people friendly, and we came home totally relaxed

It was, in every way shape and form, a wonderful vacation!