My flight from New York landed in Boston on time and I looked forward to eating lunch; other than some snacks I had put in my bag I had not eaten since I left the house 10 hours earlier. As I got off the plane I realized how cold it was; I could see my breath as I walked up the jetway.

I took a few moments to enjoy the view of a snow covered Boston Logan International Airport.

A rocking chair with a nice view of the runway; the perfect place for an aviation fan.

A blizzard hit New England three days earlier, the ground crews did a great job of removing snow from the runways.

I went to the food court, none of the options held much appeal to me, so I settled for pizza and spaghetti. I took my time eating — I had plenty of time until I had to board the flight to Chicago.

When I finished eating I went to the restroom. It was 3:15, my boarding pass said I still had twenty minutes to spare until they started boarding my 4:05 flight, so I had plenty of time. As I left the restroom I heard the announcement to board First Class for my flight. Board my flight? The flight would not leave for another 50 minutes and they had already started the boarding process? Ridiculous!

I ran towards the gate; naturally it was at the other end of the terminal. By the time I arrived they were already boarding Group 3.  My boarding pass said “Priority AAccess,” one of the benefits of elite status. This let me go to the front of the line to board. I quickly went to my seat and stowed my gear. The plane was one of the new Boeing 737s American is getting to replace their aging fleet of MD-80s. I had an aisle seat near the front of the plane; there were three of us in the row but the row in front of us was empty. As soon as they closed the door I moved into that empty row and had it all to myself. That extra space came in handy — I slept almost all the way to Chicago.

We arrived on time in Chicago; I grabbed a bite to eat and then went to the Admirals Club to watch football and call home.

We had a wonderful night-time view of Chicago after taking off from O'Hare.

The flight back to Austin was a smooth one on a 737; I had the exit row to myself. We landed on time and I was home less than an hour later.

It had been a long day, but I got home safely and that is always the most important thing. I also earned 7,700 AAdvantage miles. It was a good day!