You go online, look at your reservation, and see that you will be in seat 21H for your 9-hour flight to Paris. The first thing you do is ask yourself, “Is this a good seat? Am I on the aisle or in a middle seat?”

The answer to that question, and many like it, can be found at, one of the most valuable sites that any air traveler or mileage runner can use. front page

SeatGuru provides information about the seats on more than 40 airlines from around the world. The user selects their airline, then gets a drop-down menu offering a list of all the aircraft that airline flies.

If the person in 21H were flying on an American Airlines Boeing-777, they would see a chart like the one below. seating chart

As they move their mouse over seat 21H, a popup window appears providing information about the seat. In this case, we know they are in an economy seat, exit row, have access to a DC power port, and an overhead TV. Even better, their seat has extra legroom due to the exit and full recline! They have definitely hit a home run with 21H!

SeatGuru places seats in four categories:

  • good
  • good for some (see the green + yellow seats in the chart above)
  • be aware (see the yellow seats in the chart above)
  • poor seat

If a seat is a poor choice, SeatGuru will highlight it in red and explain why it is a bad seat. Some of the reasons a set could be bad include not reclining fully or the dreaded too-close-to-the-rest-room seat.

Seat Guru also provides general information about the seats on a airplane, including the width of the seats, and the pitch (how far the seat will recline), and a map fo the aircraft shwoing the location of the seats, galley, closets, and restrooms.

The general information page for each airline lists a lot of valuable information. The American Airlines pages provides links to the American Airlines website, the AAdvantage program, the Admiral’s Club, and even the American’s Way magazine. A link to the oneworld alliance provides information about all of American’s partner airlines. Finally, it lists three phone numbers: AA reservations, automated flight information, and the AAdvantage program., one of the most valuable travel tools on the web!