My wife and I recently completed a trip to San Diego. We went there to see our grandson graduate from Marine Corps basic training, but we also wanted to make a mini-vacation of the trip.

Our flights to DFW and then San Diego were uneventful. I requested an upgrade to First Class for the DFW-San Diego, but we did not get it. So, we were in coach and did not get the meal that they got in First. We were hungry so we bought the snack pack: crackers, cheese, and raisins. It helped take the edge off our hunger.

Both flights departed and arrived on time. Our landing in San Diego was, as always, interesting.

Most airports have two or more runways. San Diego has only one and is, in fact, the busiest one-runway airport in the United States. A few years the people of San Diego voted against expanding the airport and adding a runway. In the meantime, traffic continues to grow. The day we arrived British Airways began non-stop service between San Diego and London Heathrow.

The thing that makes landing in San Diego so interesting is that planes landing on runway 27 must fly very close to the tall office buildings in downtown. Here is a photo of the first British Airways flight, a 777 making its approach. There aren’t many airports where large commercial aircraft come that close to a developed commercial area.

So, given that, here is  my video of our MD-80 landing at San Diego Lindbergh Field. As you can see we encountered some turbulence on the way.

Once we landed and got our luggage, picked up our rental car, and drove to our hotel, where we ate dinner and called it a day. Our plan for the next day was to visit the world-famous San Diego zoo. I’ll have that story in my next post.