In just a few short days it will be January 1. On that day my Elite Qualifying Mileage for the year will drop to zero. But it won’t stay there long!

American Airlines is running two promotions at this time: double Elite Qualifying Miles (EQMs) on all flights until January 31, and double EQMs and double Redeemable Miles (RDMs) on flights between DFW and San Francisco (SFO) or Los Angeles (LAX) through March 31.

The important thing for me is that these promotions will piggy-back on each other, giving me the chance to earn triple EQMs and triple RDMs on some of my flights — that is too good a deal to pass up! So, to take advantage of these promotions I have booked five mileage runs in January and two in February. Here is how those will work for me.

January: four flights AUS-DFW-SFO-DFW-AUS

Base mileage is 3,928. I’ll get double EQMs for the entire flight, giving me 7,856. I’ll then get double mileage again for the DFW-SFO flights.  That’s 1,464 each way, giving me an additional 2,928 EQMs. Add that up and I’ll earn 10,784 EQMs for each flight. I already earn double RDMs for my Platinum status, so that gives me 7,856 plus double for the DFW-SFO flights, giving me the same total of 10,784. So, with these four flights I will earn 43,136 EQMs and RDMs.

January: one flight AUS-DFW-SFO-LAX-AUS

I was a little bit too quick with the purchase button on this one, buying it before I realized that the return flight went through LAX instead of DFW, which means I won’t earn as many miles on this flight as I did on the others. Base mileage is 3,706 times 2 gives me 7,412 EQMs. I’ll get double miles for the DFW-SFO flight, so that is an additional 1,464 EQMs for a total of 8,876. Again, I already earn double RDMs for my Platinum status, so that gives me the same 7,412 plus 1,464 for the same total of 8,876.

Total mileage at the end of January: 52,012 EQMs and RDMs

February: one flight AUS-DFW-SFO-DFW-AUS

Only one promotion is in effect in February, so I will not earn as many miles as I did in January. Base mileage for this trip is 3,928 plus the DFW-SFO bonus of 1,464×2 = 2,928 + 3,928 for a total of 6,856 EQMs. I earn double RDMS for my Platinum status so I’ll have 7,856 miles plus 2,928 for a total of 10,784.

February: one flight AUS-DFW-LAX-DFW-AUS

Base mileage is 3,470, plus double for the DFW-LAX segments gives me another 2,470 for a total of 5,940 EQMs. My Platinum status gives me double RDMs 6,940 plus the extra mileage to/from LAX of 2,470 for a total of 9,410 RDMs

Total for February: 12,796 EQMs and 20,194 RDMs.

My year to date totals after these 7 flights: 64,808 EQMs and 72,206 RDMs.*

That total will put me closer to Executive Platinum in February 2012 than I was to Platinum in February 2011. I may never have this chance again to go for EXP, so that will be my goal for the year. I’ll need another 35,192 EQMs to make it.

But that isn’t all that will happen for me in January and February. I signed up for a Hilton promotion that will give me 40,000 bonus points for 4 stays before March 31. Then I saw a note on Twitter about a mistaken room rate at the Hilton at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport of $20 per night. I actually waited a day before I booked this, but finally did and ended up with 4 one-night stays for a total of $93. For that price I’ll earn almost 45,000 Hilton points.

When I spend another $1,000 on my new Chase Sapphire Card I’ll earn 50,000 Ultimate Reward points than can transfer into Hyatt points at a 1:1 ratio. Given what I already have, I’ll soon have almost 60,000 Hyatt points.

All of these miles and all of these points at two different hotel programs (in addition to the 47K Starwood points I already have) give me great flexibility on arranging our next vacation. Once the miles/points have all gone into my accounts, I’ll be able to start the search.

Where will we go? Bali, Fiji, Maui are a few locations that quickly come to mind. Once I have the points in hand I’ll be able to see what is available and what we can afford. I do know one thing for certain: the search will be fun!

*Mileage figures come from the Flying Fish application.  American Airlines measurement of the miles will be approximately the same, but no more than 20 miles difference for each flight.