I’ve mentioned in the past that mileage runs to Seattle earned me the largest number of miles that I can get when flying from Austin; in fact, I am doing a mileage run to Seattle in April.

I was looking at the Mileage Run area on Flyertalk and saw that American Airlines was offering a special sale on flights from New York (Kennedy) to Seattle.

So, I went to aa.com and, using the multi-city option, entered AUS-JFK-SEA-AUS as my itinerary. I must say I was pretty pleased with what I got.

It created a trip that will have me fly from Austin to Dallas (DFW), then Dallas to Baltimore (BWI). At Baltimore I’ll change to American Eagle for the short trip to JFK. From there I’ll take one of those flights that I am rarely able to take, a non-stop transcon from JFK to SEA. After a two hour layover in SEA, I’ll fly to Chicago (ORD) and then back to Austin.

I’ll do this mileage run in May, leaving AUS at 6 a.m. on Saturday, returning at 11 a.m. on Sunday. I’ll earn almost 15,000 miles, more than 7,300 EQMs, at less than 2.2 cents per mile.

This mileage run is different from my the one I am doing in April. I’ll actually leave the airport and go into town in April. This mileage run is airports only. It’s also a lot of time in the air, so I’ll bring the laptop, some DVDs, the iPod, and a good book.

On a positive note, there is another mileage runner in Austin who saw my post on Flyertalk mentioning this trip; he thought it was such a good deal that he booked it for himself, so, at least I’ll have some company! He is Executive Platinum, so he will probably be sitting in First Class for most of the flights, but at least I’ll have someone to talk to during the layovers!

After these first two mileage runs, I’ll have over 11,500 EQMs, and more than 23,000 total miles. That leaves me 38,500 EQMs short of Platinum, which is a lot for the end of May! Hopefully, I will find some additional good deals as the year goes on. If not, I should, at the minimum, be able to make Gold for next year.