While I have not posted a message about my travels since my May 10 mileage run to Seattle, that does not mean I have not been traveling. I’ve made two trips in the last month, one for vacation, one for business, but have been too busy with work to post any information about those trips.

It’s a quiet weekend, so now I can catch up.

My wife and I went to Orlando, Florida for 5 days in May. We flew there on my birthday; my mileage runs paid off when we got an upgrade to First Class on the Dallas-Orlando flight.

We were in Orlando for 5 days and did not do very much. We had been there before and had gone to DisneyWorld and Universal Studios. If you are in Orlando and don’t want to visit the theme parks, there are, in my opinion, not that many things left to do.

For me, one of the highlights of the trip was a visit to the Kennedy Space Center! (I’ll post a separate message with photos of that trip.) I found it quite special to visit the Cape!

We saw the Arabian Nights dinner show on our second night in Orlando. The food was good, and we saw some amazing demonstrations of horse-riding skills. You’ll enjoy this show, put it on your Orlando to-do list!

We spent the rest of our time relaxing and not doing much, so sorry, there are not many photos to post. We did see one unusual building on International Drive.

WonderWorks in Orlando
WonderWorks features a variety of magic shows and interactive exhibits for the family

WonderWorks in Orlando
They brag that they are the only upside-down tourist attraction in Central Florida.

Our flight home was interesting. The weather was nice when we got to the Orlando airport, but soon thereafter the skies grew dark and it started to rain. That would not be enough to delay our flight. But then there was a flash of lightning, I knew that would be a problem.

Whenever lightning strikes, all ground personnel are immediately ordered to leave the flight line and come indoors. So, the people who were fueling our aircraft, loading food and luggage, etc. had to stop what they were doing. After 40 minutes the weather cleared up and the ground crew was allowed outdoors again. We boarded the flight on time, but had a 20 minute delay as they tried to make up for lost time as they finished loading the aircraft.

My wife and I were upgraded to First Class. Not only are the First Class seats larger and more comfortable, but you are also served a meal during the flight. I chose the mushroom tortellini, and have to say it was one of the best pasta dishes I have had in a long time! The food on our flight to Orlando was nothing special, typical airline fare, but the flight back made up for it! I wish I could find a restaurant near my home that had tortellini as good as this, I’d be a frequent visitor!

We got back to Dallas, arriving at Terminal A, and changed to Terminal C for our Austin flight. Whenever I fly American Airlines, I sign up for the flight notification system: with this feature AA calls me on my cell phone to let me know when my flight will depart, and which gate it will depart from.

When I landed I got the call telling me that we would depart from Terminal C on time. We had almost two hours to wait, so we took the tram to Terminal C and went to the Admirals Club. Then I got a call telling me the flight would be 10 minutes late. Then another call that we would be 25 minutes late. Then another call that we would be 45 minutes late. Then another call that we not only would be 45 minutes late, but would now be departing from Terminal A. Not only would we leave from Terminal A, but we would be only one gate down from our arrival gate!

So, we took the tram back to A and waited at our gate.

Fortunately, there were no further delays and we got home safely that evening.

Last year we celebrated my wife’s birthday in Honolulu. This year we celebrated mine in Orlando. I think the next birthday celebration will be here at home.

Our trip to Orlando was, when all was said and done, average. While we enjoyed the trip to the Cape and Arabian Nights, the rest of our stay, while relaxing, was boring. Orlando is best for families with kids