In my last post, I talked about the prices for mileage runs, and how high they had become. Today I learned an important lesson: just because the price was high yesterday does not mean that it is high today!

I looked again at a mileage run to Portland, Oregon (PDX). Previously I found trips that cost as much as $800. I looked again today and found a MR to PDX in August for only $310. That’s 2.85 cents per mile: not great, but a lot better than I had recently found.

I changed the parameters to see what that trip would cost in September: the price dropped even more! I was able to buy AUS-ORD-PDX-ORD-AUS for only $240! I’ll earn over 10,000 miles and at 2.21 cents per mile, a good rate!

I don’t know why the price for a trip would drop from $800 to $310 to $240 in a matter of days. Perhaps AA saw that not enough people were willing to pay that higher price. Whatever the reason, I am glad I found this better deal!