I want to thank the American Airlines staff at Austin-Begrstrom International Airport for the outstanding service they gave me this weekend.

My wife and I had just arrived at AUS, flying in from Chicago on American Airlines MD-80. We were sitting in First Class, row 3, the bulkhead row. This meant that we could not put anything under the seat in front of us (there wasn’t one!), everything had to go in the overhead bin. Although we were literally the first to board the aircraft, we quickly ran out of room in the overhead bins as the other First Class passengers rushed to put their bags in the bins. I ended up placing my rollerboard and my wife’s rollerboard above the seats across from us, my smaller bag went above us.

When we landed in Austin I took down the two rollerboards, forgetting the carry-on in the bin above us. I not only forgot it, I didn’t remember it until we had left the terminal.

Once I realized this I ran back in and went to the TSA security line and showed them my boarding pass from Chicago. Would they let me back into the boarding area so I could get back to the plane? No. Instead, they told me to go to the American Airlines check-in area and request a gate pass. Okay.

I ran to the AA counter and explained my situation to the ticket agent. She said there was no problem, she would go get my bag and bring it to me. She took my ID and boarding pass and left. Less than five minutes later she was back to tell me the bag had already been removed from the aircraft and was at Lost and Found in the luggage area.

I went downstairs to Lost and Found, and sure enough, my bag was waiting for me!

I appreciate what AA did for me that night — everything worked as it should. I got my bag back and got it quickly! Thanks AA!