We’ve know for almost a year that American Airlines had placed a massive order with both Airbus and Boeing, their goal being to give AA the youngest fleet of any of the five major American carriers. Some of those aircraft have already made their way into the fleet, the 737-800s with the Sky Interior are joining at the rate of three per month.

We also know that the first 777-ERs will start to arrive this year, while the first Airbus product will appear in 2013. We know all that . What we did not know was what the aircraft interiors would look like, what features they would offer. With the release of this video, we now know.

I have to admit I am excited by this and am looking forward to flying on these aircraft. Passengers in coach will have their own TV screen with hundreds of hours of content, a 110 volt AC socket to plug things in, a USB connector, iPhone compatibility,. That is great stuff and should make a trip much more pleasant.

The front of areas of the plane will feature luxury accommodations not currently available, I believe, among domestic US carriers.

As these new aircraft join the fleet, American will not only get a younger fleet, they will get aircraft that offer more features, comfort, and luxury to their passenger than their current aircraft do. I look forward to my first flight on one of them.!

Disclaimer: I own stock in AMR corporation, American Airlines’ parent company. Total value of my holdings is less than $90.