For the past several years, American Airlines’ advertising slogan has been “We know why you fly.” To be honest, it never excited me very much. And given how long it has been since I have seen an AA commercial, maybe they have retired that slogan.

Last week AA came out with a stunning video entitled “I Believe in American.” It features both American employees and passengers and I really like it — I’m just not sure who the target audience is. It has not gone viral on the internet, less than 14,000 views on You Tube as of August 5, and at 3 minutes it is too long to be a television commercial. Perhaps this was done to motivate AA employees as the company goes through reorganization. I don’t know.

But I do have a suggestion as to where they should show this outstanding video: on every AA flight. Passengers currently see a video that says “We know you have a choice when flying, thank you for flying American,” followed by many AA employees saying “Thank you for flying American.” Nice thought, but the video is getting old — replace it with this one.

There is a new American Airlines: they need to show their number one asset, their passengers, this story of the new American Airlines.