Forty hours after we left our home in Texas we finally arrived at our destination, the beautiful Bali Hyatt Hotel at Sanur, Bali, Indonesia.

The Bali Hyatt is an exceptional property for two reasons: its outstanding location among acres of beautifully landscaped trees and shrubs, and the very high level of customer service that the staff provides. You’ll see photos of the property in this article, but first, I want to talk about the service at the hotel.

I have never been to a hotel where every employee, and I mean every employee, from the manager to the gardeners and the man who swept the stairway in the morning, greeted me with a smile whenever he saw me. Along with that I got a cheerful “Good morning sir!” or if my wife was with me, a bow and “Good day, madame.” And as I said, this happened every time we saw an employee.

On our second day at the hotel I called the front desk to let them know that the sliding door to our balcony would not close properly. In less than 15 minutes two engineers came to our room and made the repair. Later that afternoon, when we returned from the pool I found a note from the hotel assistant manager.

He apologized for the problem we had with the door, said he had called our room several times during the day to verify that the repair had been made to our satisfaction, and asked that I call immediately to let him know if it had been taken care of. I called and explained that the repair was 90% complete — I could close and lock the door but my wife could not.

Just a few moments later engineers were back in our room and they fixed the door so that it closed properly. I thought that was the end of the story until later on that evening when there was a knock at our door. I opened it and was greeted by a bellman who presented me with another letter from the assistant manager, who apologized that the door had not been fixed properly the first time, thanked us for being so cooperative with them, and as a sign of their gratitude towards us as guests, asked that we enjoy the complimentary bottle of wine that the bellman left in our room.

That is exceptional customer service and is an example of the wonderful service you can expect when you are a guest at this property. The staff of the Bali Hyatt will truly make you feel welcome during your visit to the Island of the Gods.

This beautiful sign greets guests as they arrive at the Bali Hyatt hotel.

When we arrived at the Bali Hyatt, our van pulled up to the property entrance where we had to stop for a quick security check: all doors of the vehicle were opened, the trunk was opened, and one guard used a mirror on the end of a pole to look beneath the chassis of the vehicle.  It was a quick inspection and a necessary precaution followed by all properties after the 2002 terrorist attacks.

We pulled up the driveway to the hotel entrance and got our first view of the beautiful landscaping at the property. It’s hard to see that there is actually a hotel entrance behind these trees.

The beautifully landscaped entrance to the hotel. You can hardly tell that there is a hotel behind the greenery.

As we got out of the van we were greeted by several members of the hotel staff: two men who took our luggage, and two ladies who put leis around our necks, then escorted us into the hotel lobby.

The beautiful open-air lobby, designed with traditional Balinese style.

There is a counter to check in, but we never got to it — the staff came to us.

I thought we would go to the front desk to check in, but instead we were seated at a comfortable sofa across from it. As the desk clerks got our paperwork. we were presented with cold Balinese beverages that were greatly appreciated. We were also starting to get an idea of the level of customer service at the property.

A clerk came over and explained my bill, what charges there would be, confirmed my reservations, etc, and graciously presented me with the room cards. There have been so many times when I have checked into a hotel and the clerk has either dropped the cards on the counter or handed them to me with a “Here you go” attitude. That is not what I got this day, this clerk truly made us feel like welcome guests.

A bellman already had our luggage loaded on a cart and escorted us to our room. The hotel consists of four buildings, each four stories tall with an open courtyard. Our room was in the second building on the top floor, facing the landscaped area towards the SPA.

We had a king-room facing the rear of the property.

The view from our balcony was spectacular.

We enjoyed sitting on the balcony each morning, drinking our coffee and taking in the view of the impeccably landscaped grounds.

The balcony view was not unique, the property is full of stunning views. I hope you enjoy these photos of the hotel grounds.

One of several ponds on the property. These are next to the paths as you go towards the swimming pools — the water makes a soothing you walk by.

Another pond. I saw mosquito fish in the ponds, but this one also had some large Koi.

I’ve never seen an area with such a wide  variety of trees.

We usually sat on lounges near this pool.

The pool featured a waterfall – a hot tub and cold plunge pool were on the other side of the “Cave.”

This was one of the more popular pools – the swim-up bar may have been a factor. :-)

Even at night the swim-up bar had customers.

Even the little kids have it nice, this is the wading pool – the water was less than a foot deep.

One can relax at poolside, or on a nearby chaise lounge among the palm trees.

If you don’t want to stay at the pool, you can take advantage of the beautifully pristine beach, 1,500 feet of the whitest sand I have ever seen. There is a reef off the beach which stops most of the waves, making the water at the beach very calm with few waves and almost no riptide. It’s perfect if you have a little child.

Low tide occurred at 6 a.m. with the water retreating very far from the beach, leaving many boats high and dry.

The boat owners made sure their boats were secured in place. In just a few hours the water would come back in and float them again.

At sunset, a local fisherman hoped for a good catch.

And finally, more wonderful customer service from the hotel. When they found out it was my wife’s birthday they sent a cake to the room.

I highly recommend the Bali Hyatt hotel for singles, couples, and families. it is a beautiful hotel with wonderful customer service, and is also quite a good value. At the time we were there, a king-room was less than $120 per night or 5,000 Hyatt points. That is quite a good deal for such an outstanding property. Visit the Bali Hyatt, you will enjoy it!