There had been a lot of buzz recently on the blogosphere and Twitter abut the “new American Airlines.” What did this mean?

Thursday morning I got word that the new American Airlines would be revealed at 9 a.m. Would this be an announcement that AA was leaving bankruptcy? Perhaps official word of a merger (or non-merger) with US Air? It turned out to be neither of those. Instead, AA unveiled its new livery and logo.

You’ll get the full information in this video.

American Airlines had an iconic logo and design to its aircraft that had gone unchanged for years. When I saw the new design, my initial response was negative.


But the more I look at it, the more I like it.

I think they made a good choice with the clean font on the side of the aircraft.

sidelogoAnd the tail design, which grows on me more each time I see it, really helps to make American aircraft more visible at an airport.


The only part of the design I am not excited about is the stylized eagle.


If I did not know it was an eagle, I am not sure I would recognize it as such. But I have no doubt I’ll adjust to it — if this is the biggest change I have to deal with in 2013, then it will be a pretty good year for me! :-)

In the future we’ll see new American Airlines luggage tags, elite status cards, a new look at the airport as AA incorporates the new design throughout its network. We may even see new uniforms for flight attendants and gate agents.

It’s going to cost a lot of money to do all this. AMR Corporation is in bankruptcy, is this the best time to take on such an expense? From a bean-counter standpoint, probably not. But if your goal is to totally remake the airline with new aircraft, new services, and new Oneworld partners, this may be the perfect time.

Enjoy these videos from AA.

This video explains how they developed the new look.

And of course, there are new commercials.

Disclaimer: I own stock in AMR corporation, the parent of American Airlines. Total value of my holdings is less then $150,