Dallas Fort Worth International Airport was a state of the art facility when it opened in 1974. In many ways it remains such with flight control systems, the layout and design of the runways, etc. But after billions of passengers had passed through the terminals, they were starting to show their age. Only Terminal D, which opened in 2005, had a modern feel to it. That all started to change today as American Airlines and DFW opened a newly refurbished section of Terminal A, part of a $2.3 billion 7-year project to renovate the four terminals (A, B, C, and E) that opened in 1974.

Their press release describes it best:

FORT WORTH, Texas – The fresh, new look of American Airlines is taking off at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Today, American and DFW Airport announced the completion of Terminal A – Phase 1 under the Terminal Renewal Improvement Program (TRIP). The Phase I opening includes gates A8 through A16, including the check-in and entrance area, as well as the parking structure adjacent to these gates, and is designed to increase customer convenience and satisfaction by offering a more intuitive airport experience.

“Today we take another important step forward in our journey to build a more modern travel experience to better suit the needs of our customers,” said Kevin Cox, American’s Vice President – Real Estate. “DFW Terminal A – Phase 1 sets the stage for future next generation airport improvements, and will be a tremendous model for us to further refine how we integrate our new look and feel into our airports in the future.”Numerous architectural, systems and engineering renovations have been made to create a more eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing airport experience, while also being more customer-friendly. Some of the terminal enhancements include incorporating the bright, clean feel of American’s fresh new look announced in January.

Additional features for American Airlines customers include:


  • An open layout to allow for continuous customer flowworkdesk
  • Power outlets and work tables at all gateskiosk
  • Next-generation kiosks with self-tag capabilities for checked baggagepodium
  • Single-agent podiums to provide a more personalized experiencepriotiry
  • A separate area for Priority check-in

Customers traveling through DFW Terminal A will also enjoy an expanded security area with new technology that will soon display wait times in real-time, as well as increased concession offerings with a variety of healthy dining options.

In 2011, DFW Airport Iaunched the first major construction phase of its $2.3 billion TRIP, a seven-year renovation of the airport’s four original terminals that opened in 1974. Renovations will take a phased approach for terminals A, B, C and E. American Unveils Its Next Generation Airport at DFW Terminal A March 26, 2013

“Today is a special day for DFW Airport and American Airlines, as we welcome passengers to our greatly improved Terminal A,” said Jeff Fegan, CEO of DFW Airport. “With new concessions, reimagined passenger flows, updated finishes and a completely revamped section of Terminal A, DFW Airport is solidifying its place as one of the world’s top airports for customer service, and we stand ready to meet the needs of our passengers for the next 40 years.”

As TRIP moves forward, the American Airlines next generation airport concept will expand through DFW Terminals A, B and C. Additional upcoming next generation airports include LaGuardia Airport (LGA) later this year, with plans for further expansion to additional cities. For more information on American’s next generation airport, and to learn more about the progress of the new, modern American, visit aa.com/newamerican.


DFW is a world-class airport. Terminal D is a world-class terminal. The other terminals, built in 1974, may have looked fresh and modern during the Nixon administration, but they had been showing their age for quite a while. It will take several years until the airport is totally modernized — I’m glad to see that DFW management and American Airlines have started the process.

Disclaimer: I own stock in AMR Corporation, the parent company of American Airlines.Total value is less than $600.