In January I scheduled a great mileage run for May, only to have American Airlines break it. I was pretty disappointed by this, it’s not often that I get the chance to do a transcontinental flight as I had scheduled. The new itinerary American gave me was awful and I had no intention of flying it.

I spent two hours yesterday at, looking for other options. I found some that, at first glance, looked good. For example AUS-DFW-JFK-LAX-AUS and would give me a transcontinental flight, but I’d earn almost 1,000 EQMs less than my previous route. Considering the fact that we are in March and I have not even taken a flight yet this year, the last thing I need to do is lose miles.

I finally found an itinerary that looked like it would work for me. I’d fly to both the East Coast and the West Coast, and I would not have an 8 hour layover in Chicago in the middle of the night like the new AA itinerary had.

The route I found was Austin-Chicago-Boston-DFW-Seattle-DFW-Austin. It would only be 100 EQMs less than my original trip. My longest layover would be 2.5 hours at Boston.

Now I had to convince AA to give me that route without charging me any extra fees.

I called the AA Platinum Desk and tried to be as friendly as I could with the customer service rep. I told her my hobby was to spend money at American Airlines and no other airline, and I needed her help. I described my original itinerary, how bad the Miami itinerary was, and asked if she could book me on the one I listed above. Not surprisingly, she said she had to talk to a supervisor.

She put me on hold and returned a few minutes later to tell me that the supervisor had said no, that the route I requested was not my original route and I could not change it without paying a penalty. How absurd!

“If I can’t change my routing, then please reschedule me for my original trip going through JFK to SEA, I want that routing and none other. And if I can’t change my routing, please explain to me how AA managed to change my destination from Seattle to Miami, a distance of over 2,700 miles! Isn’t that a change in routing? At least my new schedule has me going from the East Coast to Seattle, which is a lot closer to the original route than the Miami trip AA gave me!”

There was silence for about 5 seconds, then the rep said, “Please hold while I speak to a different supervisor.” A few minutes later she was back to tell me that the new route had been approved.

So, I will again have a long weekend in the air, earning over 7,000 EQMs and more than 14,000 total miles. The new route actually gets me back into Austin 3 hours earlier than my original one, so I am very pleased with it!

My only worry is that the trip is still two months away, and with 6 segments, there is a lot of opportunity for another schedule change to break it again. All I can do is hope that does not happen.