American Airlines is offering double Elite Qualifying Miles (EQMs) on all flights booked and flown between March 18 and June 15 — this is too good a deal for a mileage runner to pass up.

I currently have 18,418 EQMs in my account and need 50,000 by December 31 to remain Platinum.

My next trip is this weekend, a quick run to San Jose and then come back on the same plane; this will be one of those rare mileage runs where I am home for dinner! However, I made the reservation before March 18 so I will not get the double EQMs. But I will earn almost 3,000 and that will put me at 21,370 for the year.

I booked another trip to Seattle: Austin to Dallas to San Jose to Seattle to Los Angeles to Dallas to Austin. Leave Saturday morning, take the red-eye out of LAX and be back in Austin by 9 a.m. Sunday. Not bad, I would earn over 5,000 EQMs, and then get the double promotion!

But then I realized I had outsmarted myself: the terms and conditions (T+C) for the promotion are very specific that the double bonus does not apply to codeshare flights: my flights from San Jose to Seattle, and Seattle to LAX have American Airlines flight numbers, but are on Alaska Airlines metal, a codeshare! Darn! So, that means that I will get the bonus for my American Airlines flights from Austin to Dallas to San Jose, and then Los Angeles to Austin on the way back, but not for the San Jose to Seattle to LAX route. Oh well…

I’ll get 3,876 EQMs from AUS to SJC, 1,650 from SJC to SEA to LAX, and then 3,470 from LAX to DFW to AUS. I’ll earn almost 9,000 EQMs for the trip, which isn’t bad, and more than 10,000 total miles for the trip.

With this trip I will be at approximately 30,000 EQMs for the year: I need a 10,000 mile trip to earn the remaining 20,000 EQMs that I need for my Platinum status. I’ll keep looking!