Last week American Airlines announced that it was awarding double Elite Qualifying Miles (EQMs) on flights between March 18 and June 15. I think I can safely say that mileage runners rejoiced at the news, I know I did.

Now they are offering an even better deal: triple miles on nonstop flights between Boston and the West Coast (Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego). Oh, where was this deal when I flew Boston – Los Angeles – Boston a few weeks ago?

This Boston award is miles, not EQMs, but is still a great deal, particularly when you include the double EQMs.

So, I have booked another trip. Austin to Dallas to Boston to San Francisco to Dallas to Austin. I leave Austin early on a Saturday morning, fly from Boston to SFO that afternoon, take the red-eye from SFO back to Dallas, and get back to Austin at 9 a.m. on Sunday morning.

With the double EQM promotion, I’ll earn over 13,000 EQMs, that’s 3,000 more than I earned for my trip to Ireland! How many miles will I earn? Well, with my normal Platinum bonus that will also be over 13,000. The question is, how many extra miles will I get for the triple mileage from BOS to SFO?

There has been some discussion of this on Flyer Talk. The consensus seems to be that a PLAT flyer would earn the normal double mileage, and then the double mileage again. The first double is the normal PLAT bonus, the second double is the bonus that along with the basic miles, gives triple mileage. I hope that makes sense! haha!

So, I’d earn an additional 5,400 miles, putting my total at over 18,000 miles for the trip. That is too good a deal to pass up. So, I have booked it.

My goal is to make Platinum again this year, with this flight I will be at 43,000 EQMs and will need only 7,000 more to make that goal. With the double EQM bonus, that should be easy.

Thank you AA for the bonuses!