May 31, Memorial Day, 2010. It’s a day that many look forward to because it gives them an extra day off from work. Others enjoy it because they can use the 3-day weekend to visit family or spend time at the beach, Still others look forward to Memorial Day because of the special sales at their favorite store.

But that is not what Memorial Day is about. The picture below explains quite eloquently what Memorial Day is about.

Arlington National Cemetery

On this solemn day we should honor those man and women who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in our armed forces to defend the freedoms we hold so dear. Some people get that, some do not. American Airlines does get it.

Just in time for Memorial Day, American Airlines is launching two new commercials this weekend to show their “gratitude and a tribute to those in uniform, veterans and their families.”

These commercials are, in a word, wonderful! If you are serving or have served in the military, or know someone else who is, take a moment to watch these two commercials — you will be moved.

American says they will show the commercials this weekend, and again “throughout the year to coincide with special observances and national holidays.”

Thank you American, for such a wonderful tribute!

“Thank You”

“Putting Them First”

Be sure to visit AA’s charity website to see how they support our men and women in uniform, and other worthy charities.