I’ve booked my last mileage run of the year: no surprise, it’s another trip to Seattle. :-) I’ve lost track of how many trips I have made to the Pacific Northwest, but it is the longest non-stop flight that American Airlines (AA) offers from DFW in the lower 48, so it gives me the chance to earn the largest number of miles.

AA is running a sale that ends tonight, August 26, and I took advantage of it.  Austin to DFW to Seattle and back for $251. That’s 2.91 cents per mile, not great, but these days I am thrilled to find any fare below 3 cents.

It’s a November 6 trip, I’ll fly out at 7 a.m., get to Seattle at 11:25 a.m., then fly out on the red-eye to DFW at 11:55 p.m., arriving back in Austin at 8 Sunday morning. Another long day, but a good close to the year.

People have recommended the Seattle Underground tour, I may take advantage of it on this trip. I’d love to do the tour of the Boeing plant, but since it is in Mukilteo, 25 miles northwest of Seattle, there is no easy way to get there without renting a car.

November in Seattle can be cold, particularly when compared to Central Texas, but I look forward to it nonetheless.