I knew I had earned Executive Platinum status, my boarding passes for my Chicago Flights listed me accordingly. But when I got home from the trip I found my Executive Platinum kit from American Airlines had come in the mail — now it was official! :-)

My AAdvantage Executive Platinum booklet

The first thing I noticed was my EXP booklet.

I’ve received Gold and Platinum booklets from AA in the past — they were both printed on standard glossy paper. This booklet however was different, printed on a thicker, textured paper that helped to give it a more luxurious feel.  No doubt AA wants to make its highest level elites feel very elite.

My EXP luggage tags

I also received a set of two EXP luggage tags and an ID card which not only identified me as an EXP, they also had a logo in the upper right-hand corner that showed that I also have Million Mile status with AA.

I look forward to traveling and taking advantage of the EXP benefits (which run until February 2014), but so far I only have one trip booked, our vacation in Asia in October.


The Problem

I have only one problem on the account. An EXP starts with 8 system-wide upgrades (SWUs). According to AA, I have already used one of those and have 7 remaining. I called to ask about that, maybe I had used one without realizing it?

AA Customer Service checked, gave me the name of a lady I do not know, and said the SWU was used to upgrade her ticket for a flight from Heathrow to JFK last month. Obviously, someone screwed up somewhere, I am the only person who can request upgrades on my account and I did not do this one. AAdvantage Customer Service said they would note that and conduct an investigation to see what happened. They told me it might take two weeks, that was 10 days ago. In the meantime, my SWU balance remains 7.

This might be a huge deal if my wife and I had several trips planned, but we do not, nor do I see any coming soon. The best use of the SWUs is on a long trip, such as Hawaii or Europe. and we are not planning that right now. Still, I’d like to know that my account is correct, and hope they can fix this soon.


One week later the SWU was put back into my account, I now have eight,the correct amount. Thanks to AA customer service for helping with this!

Disclaimer: I own stock in AMR Corporation, the parent company of American Airlines, The total value of my holdings is less than $90.00.