Note: This post from 2009 is horribly out of date. Please read my 2010 post to learn how bad this restaurant has become!


My wife and I were enjoying our trip to Nassau, but had not yet had a great meal. We’d eaten the buffet at the hotel, eaten at the Greek restaurant downtown, and while those meals were good, they were not memorable. Thankfully, that was about to change.

I had visited many travel websites before the trip, and they all recommended going to Arawak Cay, also known as “Fish Fry,” for seafood. The #10 bus that stopped outside our hotel goes by Arawak Cay on the way downtown, so my wife and I took the bus, looking for a good lunch. (If you are going there, just tell the bus or cab driver you are going to Fish Fry, they’ll know what you mean.)

Arawak Cay is a street of seafood restaurants, and nothing but seafood restaurants one right after another. Some are large, two stories tall, while others look like metal sheds with wooden picnic tables in front. They all specialize in Bahamian seafood

The restaurants at Arawak Cay are famous for their fresh seafood.

We walked down the street, looking at each restaurant. While I had read several articles about “Fish Fry,” I had not seen a recommendation for a specific restaurant. Which one should we choose?

We chose Twin Brothers for our meal.

The Twin Brothers Seafood and Steakhouse looked like a nice place: their sign said they had been featured on CBS News and in the New York Times, so we decided to give them a try. This was one of the best decisions of the trip!

We got there shortly after 12 noon, so it was not crowded. The waitress brought the menu: I ordered conch fritters as an appetizer, and cracked conch as the entree. My wife ordered broiled lobster.

The conch fritters were delicious

We got the conch fritters first, they were so hot that we had to let them cool for a few moments, but it was worth the wait. They were similar to the corn fritters we eat in the states, but definitely had a seafood flavor to them that was pleasant but not overpowering. The waitress gave us a bottle of a spcial sauce to put on them that added to the great taste. If you are not very hungry, the fritters alone would be a wonderful meal.

Then she brought us our meals.

My cracked conch came with a side order of beans and rice (a local specialty) and fried plantain.

My meal was incredible! I can’t say it was the best conch I have ever had because it is the only conch I have ever had! But I will say that I have eaten fresh seafood in a lot of places known for fresh seafood, (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Texas Gulf Coast) and I had never had anything that tasted this good!

My wife had broiled lobster and a side order of beans and rice and fried plantain.

My wife took one bite from her broiled lobster and was very emphatic that it was the best she had ever had!

We liked the food at Twin Brothers so much that we ate there three times in four days. My wife ate the lobster every time, I had fried shrimp our my final visit; it was easily the best I have ever had. The tails had been removed so I was able to eat the whole thing. The breading was very light so that it did not overpower the taste of the shrimp, but was still crunchy enough to let me know it was fried. If was fabulous.

On this visit, I saw a note on the menu “Try our delectable daiquiris.” The waitress said I could get two flavors mixed, a half-and-half daiquiri. That sounded good, so I ordered one that was half strawberry, half pina colada. She asked if I wanted alcohol, that would be $2 extra. Since I did not have to drive I said yes to the alcohol. I have to admit I did not expect what she brought me.

This is my half pina colada half strawberry daiquiri.

I didn’t expect a frozen drink but that it what I got, it looked like something I might get at Dairy Queen. But it was so good! I tried to use the straw to drink it, but it was so thick that the straw was not working. So, I stuck it down to the bottom of the glass where it appeared to be more like a liquid and took a big sip.

As it happens, the alcohol was not mixed in with the frozen concoction, they had simply put a couple of shots of rum in the bottom of the glass before adding the frozen mixture. So, when I took the big sip I got a large mouthful of rum! That’s fine if you’re expecting it, but I wasn’t. Oh my.

Several swallows later I had managed to empty my mouth of the rum but I had learned a lesson: small sips from the bottom of the glass. In the meantime I used a spoon to eat the frozen mixture and it was wonderful, both tasty and refreshing. I wish I could get something like this here at home. I liked it so much that I ordered a second one, but I must admit it was virgin, no alcohol.

The food at Twin Brothers was outstanding, I recommend it to all. We have already decided to go back to Nassau next year, and Twin Brothers will be one of our first stops. If you visit Fish Fry, ignore the rest, go to Twin Brothers! (Here is their website.)

Twin Brothers menu, featuring a variety of Bahamian food.