Our time in Nassau was coming to an end. We decided to visit the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island—I had heard that they have an incredible aquarium and wanted to see it.  Thankfully it lived up to its reputation.

Getting there was easy. We took the bus downtown, then the ferry across the harbor to Paradise Island. The ferry is small, holding 20-30 people at the most; the cost is $3 per person. On our way across the harbor a guide pointed out what he felt were some of the great sights along the way including a home owned by Nicolas Cage and a hospital where Anna Nicole Smith was once a patient. Let’s just say we were not impressed. At the end of the ride he added that he was not employed by the ferry company and would appreciate any tips we were willing to pay. I gave him a few bucks.

Part of the Atlantis Resort at Paradise Island

We had some great views of Atlantis as we arrived at Paradise Island. Our “guide” explained that the bridge connecting the two towers is a 10-room suite costing $25,000 per night. A bit rich for our tastes. :-)

We had a 10-minute walk from the ferry pier to Atlantis.  Atlantis is HUGE, with several buildings, many restaurants, water parks, beaches, and a casino, among other attractions. You can buy a full-day pass that allows access to all the attractions, or you can purchase a pass for only those you choose. We bought the Aquarium pass, $39 per person.

Atlantis has a great video on their website of the “marine habitat” that will give you a feel for the place. The video shows some people snorkeling among the fish: we never saw that during our visit.

We walked through their casino which was not very crowded at that time of the day. I did notice that this was definitely a high-roller casino, much more so than the one next door to our hotel.

We went down one floor to get to the aquarium: this gave us a chance to see the fish up close.

I'm not sure what these fish our. We joked that it looked like they had run into a wall and had their heads flattened.

We had a great view of a tigerfish.

We found Nemo and his family!

This is as close as I would like to get to a shark.

The aquarium has several areas (The Dig, Ruins Lagoon, Predator Lagoon, Mayan Temple Lagoon etc.) with different fish in each. You walk from one tank to another; one tank had sharks, another jellyfish, another seahorses, and so on. We found it quite enjoyable. Also, since we were underground we were comfortably out of the sun.

Is it possible for a fish to look bored? He didn't seem very excited to see us. :-)

I don't know what type of fish this is, but it was large, almost four feet long!

Although we did a lot of walking we truly enjoyed our visit to the Atlantis Aquarium. One of the fun things was to see how excited the children (and sometimes the adults! :-))were to see the fish up close! We had a great time; our visit to Atlantis was one of the highlights of our Nassau vacation! Atlantis, particularly if you have children, should be a “must-see” part of your Nassau trip!