Once the catamaran got us back to Paradise Island after our visit to Dolphin Encounter we took the bus back to Nassau and asked the driver to drop us off at Fish Fry instead of our hotel. Our first Fish Fry trip a few days earlier to Twin Brothers had been a total disaster; we decided to follow the recommendation from the man we had met on the bus a few days earlier and try Goldie’s. Thankfully, this turned out to be a wonderful suggestion.

Looking for great seafood? Look no further than Goldie's at Fish Fry, Arawak Cay, Nassau.

Is Goldie’s fancy? No. Does it have a comfortable down-home feeling? Absolutely!

We ordered the same food we had ordered at Twin Brothers a few days earlier: conch fritters as an appetizer, then lobster tail for my wife and cracked conch for me. When the meal was brought to us we knew we were at the right place!

The conch fritters were delicious. My wife’s lobster tail was tender, moist, and flavorful: she could easily cut it with her knife. My cracked conch had a delicious taste that was so sadly lacking a few days earlier. The plantain was tender and moist, easy to cut with my fork, and full of flavor when I bit into it.

And there were no roaches.

In short, THIS was the wonderful meal we had looked forward to for so long. As my wife and I said, we did have our wonderful anniversary meal, but it was a few days late. Thank you Goldie’s for making it so special!